Our mission
Our mission is to ensure patient safety through improving and promoting the quality of services delivered by medical doctors and dentists and the training delivered by medical and dental educational institutions. 
Our vision
Our vision is to be a strong, effective, and trustworthy regulator that assures that medical doctors and dentists are well trained and practice competently, ethically and safely, to benefit the health of the people of Afghanistan.
Our values
Our values shape our organizational culture and drive attitudes and behaviour. We seek to demonstrate these values in all our decision-making and actions.
In all our work, we aim to:
  • put patient health and safety first
  • work collaboratively
  • be independent, trustworthy, fair, and respectful
  • be transparent and accountable
  • be effective and efficient
  • focus on continuous improvement
Main goals:

These are:
  • To ensure a conducive environment for patient safety and health rights
  • To standardize and improve the quality and regulation of health services provided by medical doctors and dentists
  • To participate in the strengthening and improvement of medical education standards
  • To protect the professional rights of medical doctors and dentists.