• Dr. Gul Mohammad "Osman" son of Mohammad "Osman" was born in 1356 in Bekwah district of Farah province in a pious and scholar family.

    He started his elementary education in 1361 at Shahid Habibur Rahman High School and finished it in 1373 at the same school.

    Then, Dr. Gul Mohammad Usman joined the Faculty of Medicine of Kabul Medical University and obtained his MD certificate in 1383.

    Dr. Osman has also studied in the field of religious education up to the bachelor's degree.

    In addition to mastering the national languages Pashto and Dari, Dr. Gul Mohammad Osman is also familiar with Arabic, English and Urdu.

    After completing his medical education, he was employed as a doctor at the International Red Cross Hospital and after that, he was busy providing medical services to his compatriots as an internal medicine doctor in Farah province.

    In addition, Dr. Osman has received specialized training and professional courses in various fields, including public health management through WHO and ICRC.

    Honorable Dr. Gul Mohammad Osman has been appointed as the General Director of the Medical Council of Afghanistan on 18/8/1401 based on the decree of His Highness the Amirul Momineen, and he is committed to implementing principle of good governance in this council and he is trying to do it in the light of Sharia principles and Islamic and national values. The people of Afghanistan in every part of this country where they live, should be treated with high- standard, quality and safe medical services without any discrimination.