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  • Dr. Khalilullah Shefa, the Technical Deputy and Acting General Director of the Afghanistan Medical Council

    Dr. Shefa son of Abdul Jabar born in Kabul in 1973 District of Chahardeh in an Educated family. He completed his school in 1991 and entered the Kabul Medical University. He graduated from Kabul Medical University in 2000 as MD.

    Since his graduation from medical university in 2000, he has been working in health and medical education and has rich experiences in the country's health and health education systems as a medical doctor in different health centers in different provinces and also as a Medical teacher in a few medical universities.
    He worked as a Training Coordinator with IMC NGO for the Rabia Balkhi and Wazir Akbar Khan Hospitals looking after the Postgraduate training. He was an Academic Manager for the French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children(FMIC) for 8 years and established a model PGME program for the country.

    He completed his master's degree inss Health Professions Education(MHPE) from Maastricht(Netherlands) and Suez Canal(Egypt) Universities (A Join Master program) in 2018 and after that, he pursued his FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement International Medical Education and Research) Fellowship program with the FAIMER institute Philadelphia US and Ain Shams University of Egypt and complete it on January 2022.  He is right now the only medical Educationist in the country.

    He did a Postgraduate Diploma in Public health and health management in 2008 from KARDAN university. He also did lots of certificate courses on medical education at AGA Khan university Karachi.

    Dr. Khalilullah Shefa was appointed as technical deputy General director for AMC in 2021 and also he is serving as Acting General Director of AMC.

    His aim is to standardize the country's medical education and its system to be recognized internationally and thus bring quality and patient safety to the health care system. 

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