Directory General Message


Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil (MD, Obstetric and Gynecology Specialist)
Director General
Afghanistan Medical Council (AMC)

A well-functioning healthcare system supports the availability of safe medical care service for all residents in Afghanistan, and effective and efficient medical liability protection is an essential component of such a system. When doctors and dentists are confident of their medical liability protection, they are able to deliver health care services in the most effective and efficient manner possible. 

For the past one decade, health care service and medical education providers in Afghanistan have stated the need for healthcare reform and worked toward objectives set for healthy society. Recent Reforms in health and prioritizing the health matters by government has proved demand to improve the Afghanistan health care system. For that, to have a Medical Council in Afghanistan was not only an idea but emerged from a need for health care services, and medical education  providers to work together to support their colleagues. As a result of hard work, the presidential decree #.65 issued on 30 /April / 2017 Afghanistan Medical Council (AMC) established. Ever since to reach-out and register every single doctor who are eligible to provide health care services, and prohibit those who are not qualified is the forefront activity of AMC.

Afghanistan is experiencing the open market economy and the changing context in which health care is provided has created new challenges for health care service providers, health researchers, and the broader health care and medical education service providers.

Medical and dental health care service providers often and increasingly find themselves confronted with moral questions and ethical dilemmas. To provide the registered doctors and dentist with an appropriate and ethical defense, AMC has started to conduct Medical Ethics Trainings sessions at Nation Level. I am personally happy to say that my technical team of Medical Ethics has conducted training sessions in Kabul, Nangarhar, and Herat so far. Medical ethics is not only a training package but promotes the philosophy of “defending the defensible” for its members, when it is supported by substantiated claims and evidences. By any means if the patient are proven to have been harmed as a result of negligent of doctor or dentist, AMC shall stand by patient and ensure that his/her safety matter the most and the case shall be followed by medical complains department of AMC and referred to legal authorities for necessary actions.

As a doctor, we are always at service of people for their wellbeing and for healthy society to grow our children. A graduation diploma from medical faculty or a specialty certificate from a discipline, surely guarantees to be candidate for obtaining a position in a hospital or a clinic, but does it ensure us to continue to be competent in our desired profession? Medical education is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career. 

It is my utmost desire to ensure safety of patient, doctor and dentist through promoting the implementation of medical ethics and code of practice and support continues professional development program in Afghanistan by all mean.


Thank you