Activities undertaken by the Medical Council is to protect the public by promoting and better ensuring high standards of professional conduct, professional higher education, training and safeguarding competency level across registered medical practitioners. Medical council holds a large volume of data, which is providing a valuable insight into the profile of doctors & dentists registered to serve in Afghanistan. The data and information provided by doctors utilized to better inform the development and strengthening of medical regulation to protect the public and enhance long-term professional development. Considering this need, the presidential decree #.65 issued on 30 /April / 2017 established Afghanistan Medical Council (AMC) as a technical regulatory body.

Stepping as guide to registered doctors and dentists in country, AMC has the mandate to provide opportunities and urge doctors and dentists to follow the highest standards of medical ethics and obtain quality education in order to protect the health of all residents in Afghanistan. AMC performs and is entirely entitled to follow wide variety of functions and services, such as advocating health promotion and patient safety policies and strategies through registering the doctors and dentists that are eligible to provide health care services. Advocating access to quality health care in local communities through defining the standards of medical educations as well as accreditation of medical educational institutions, manage, recommend and adapt to change in health care service delivery through implementation of Continues Professional Development programs and Medical Ethics Capacity Development packages.

Afghanistan Medical Council as government entity is the national voice of Afghan doctors & dentists for reform. Further, AMC is committed to ensure patient safety through improving and promoting the quality of services delivered by medical doctors, dentists and medical training institutions. The AMC is envisioning building a strong professional council that ensures protection of the health and well-being of the patients, doctors and dentists.

Afghanistan Medical council (AMC) collaborates with the multiple authorities in Afghanistan such as the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Higher Education, also looking forward to exchange information with other international regulatory institutions so that appropriately verify the credentials of doctors  who have applied for registration in Afghanistan. This verification of credentials ensures that the national and international doctors who have obtained medical degrees and wish to serve in Afghanistan comply with required qualification criteria and can register to practice safely.