Nov 26, 01:43 PM

Afghanistan Medical Council is informing the Exit Examination applicants, that the Exit Examination of the 2021 is conducted from subjects of basic sciences and clinical sciences in accordance to the curriculum of the Ministry of Higher Education. 

1)   The examination which was supposed to be taken in April 2021, due to increase in the topics of the exam and on the other hand coincidence of The Holy Ramadan month with the examination time, the Examination will be taken in June 2021.

2)   The success score of the exam is 60%

3)   Examination language: 

a)   For domestic Afghan graduates:  First language based on choice (Pashto/Dari) 70% questions, Second language 10% questions and English language 20% questions.  

b)   For overseas Afghan graduates:  First language or based on applicant choice (Pashto/Dari) 40% questions, Second language 10% questions and English language 50% questions.  

4)   These topics are only for the exam in June 2021 and for the next examination the topics, subjects and methodology of the exam will be announced as soon as possible through the Afghanistan Medical Council.


5)   Subjects & Topics of exam for Curative medicine graduates


6)    Subjects & Topics of exam for stomatology graduates