Provincial Liaison Department

The Medical Council of Afghanistan is delighted to open its provincial offices in the fiscal year 1400 to achieve the main objective of the Medical Council which is patient safety

Provincial Communication Office/Department is coordinating with all the provinces and seven zones.


Management and coordination of the central sector with the general management of the provincial offices to accelerate the implementation process, achieve the goals and implement the plans of the AMC

Tasks of the Department:

Management and supervision of the communication and coordination between the central sector and provincial offices to accelerate the implementation process, achieving the goals and the execution of the AMC programs 

Evaluate the plans and proposals of the provincial offices and present the results to the relevant departments for further action.

Ensuring timely implementation of procedures and observing the principle of transparency and mutual accountability between the central and provincial offices

Encouraging the usage of modern communication system between central and provincial offices to ensure the timely implementation and achievement of expected goals in coordination with relevant departments

To establish and develop effective procedures for collecting, analyzing and consolidating the provincial reports and provide a summary of the results to the AMC for further action

Preparing, organizing and distributing the necessary documents and materials to the provincial offices

Evaluating the quality of effective performance of employees to ensure continuous improvement and work efficiency.

Timely delivery of policies, procedures, guidelines, instructions and other tasks assigned to provincial offices to improve the quality of work.

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