IRP Department

International relations planning and policy department exist to undertake core functions, such as Manage, Organize and Monitor the development process of strategic plans, policies, and guidelines, as well as to build communication bridges with national and international counterparts to support AMC missions.


The main duties of the International Relation, Planning, and Policy department:

- prepare and Manage the formulation of protocols, MOUs, technical documents, and joint plans in    close coordination with national and international counterparts to support AMC’s missions.

-  Provide technical and professional advice towards the review and formulation of MOUs and Protocols.

- conducted Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat Analysis (SWOT) to provides a Road Map with further guidance and recommendations for specific actions and activities that that AMC needs to consider and adopt, and implement to achieve its overall mission and objectives.

- formulation of the annual development plan as per central and provincial collected statistics and information to achieve the organization's overall goals.  

- Oversee the implementation of AMC’s strategic plans, policies, and procedures. 

- preparation of the work plan of the department following AMC’s strategic plan.

- preparation and sharing of progress reports, (monthly, quarterly, annually) in collaboration with Technical Departments.

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