Medical Complaints Handling Department

The Medical Council of Afghanistan acts as a national and medical professional body in the country to ensure patients safety and improve medical services in the country. To reach the objectives of AMC, different executive units have been established within the framework of this institution, and one of these units is the Medical Complaints Handling Department. This department focuses on the following objectives by relying on patients’ safety, patient-centered and employee competency in order to design and implement an effective and efficient process and strive for responsible behavior and continuous improvement of the delivery of services and processes: 

  • Continuous efforts to secure patients by obtaining, registering, assessing and investigating professional medical complaints.
  • Ensuring patients’ rights and efforts to reduce the risks of medical treatment by medical and dental practitioners by keeping track of and addressing the medical complaints
  • Maintaining the rights of the parties to the dispute with the impartial and wise handling of medical complaints.
  • Increase awareness of practitioners and people about complaints handling procedures. 
  • Adopt appropriate disciplinary measures against doctors that are in violation of the professional and ethical standards.
  • Efforts to provide the necessary conditions for simple, easy and cost-free access for plaintiffs at all stages of registration, review and notification of complaints.
  • Effective handling of complaints in the shortest possible time.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in the delivery of services and satisfaction of plaintiffs through the continuous assessment and analysis of process-related indicators.

How health complaints are managed?

Health Complaints can be managed at three levels:

  1. AMC is the right place to make a complaint if you are concerned a health practitioner is behaving in a way that could present a risk to you, to other patients or members of the public.
  2. Health services facilities are bound to have health complaints management system about their services and respond mechanism ( Health complaints Entity )
  3. When the complaints are out of jurisdiction of AMC, the judicial body will manage the complaints and concerns. 


What complaints or concerns can AMC consider?

Below are some examples of complaints or concerns that AMC can consider:

  • Serious or repeated mistakes in carrying out procedures, in diagnosis or in prescribing medications for a patient
  • A failure to examine a patient properly or to respond reasonably to a patient’s needs
  • Serious concerns about the way a practitioner is prescribing medication
  • Serious concerns about the practitioner’s skills, knowledge or judgement in their profession
  • Acts of violence, sexual assault or indecency
  • Acts of fraud or dishonesty
  • Inappropriate examination of a patient
  • Any serious criminal acts 
  • Any other behaviors that is inconsistent with the practitioner being fit and proper to be a registered practitioner
  • Concerns that a practitioner has a health issue or impairment that might cause harm to the public if it is not appropriately managed, including that a practitioner might have a problem with alcohol or drugs.